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Fine-Scale Ocean Current Monitoring


For improved ocean current monitoring capability, our vessel-mounted Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) data acquisition system is capable of providing clients with data in near real-time from a vessel anywhere in the world.

The FAST (Fast Autonomous Survey Technology) Eddy System is an automated, self-contained ocean current monitoring package which can be installed and heading offshore within 36 hours of approval (depending on vessel availability). Once on site, FAST Eddy operates continuously—collecting, processing, and transmitting ocean current data via satellite modem to our Data Assembly Center 24/7.

Current profiles and transect cross sections are graphed and made available in near real-time via a password-protected website. This allows for continuous fine-scale current monitoring during critical operations.

Four systems are available for world-wide shipping.

FAST Eddy goes to the current, providing the data you need to more safely and efficiently plan your operations and minimize costly downtime.

Graphic depiction of ocean currents in profile.

FAST Eddy system installed on the Seacor Quest in support of Independence Hub installation.

FAST Eddy system installed on the Seacor Quest in support of Heerema's SSCV Balder.

FAST Eddy welded to the back deck of the Seacor Quest.