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In addition to producing EddyWatch® and RouteWatch® charts, reports, and hindcast studies, our Oceanographers are often invited to present technical papers at industry and academic conferences, and publish reports in various journals. This is our contribution to the scientific community and an opportunity for us to keep abreast of innovative technology. A more general overview of the technology available to Oceanographers in support of Offshore Oil and Gas Operations can be found here.

Loop Current Hyperactivity: Analysis of In Situ Measurements in the Gulf of Mexico
Sharma, Storie, Obenour, Leber, and Srinivasan, May 2016

Currents Behaving Badly: Hard Lessons Learned in the Gulf of Mexico
Cadwallader, Coholan, Gustafson, Riffe, Sharma, Storie, and Obenour, March 2016

Ocean Observing in the 4th Dimension – Using Autonomous Gliders for Operational Surveillance of the Gulf of Mexico
Brickley, Feeney, Shaw, Burnett, and Coholan, May 2012

A Feature Oriented Regional Modeling System for the North Brazil Current Rings Migration after Retroflection
Brickley, Coholan, Sharma, and Cadwallader, May 2011

When Mother Nature Smiles – Multi-year Analysis of Currents at the Macondo Well Site
Schmidt, Brickley, Gangopadhyay, Cadwallader, Sharma, Nobre, Coholan, and Feeney, May 2011

Use of Air-deployed Drogued Drifting Buoys for Oil Spill Tracking
Sharma, Brickley, Owen, and Coholan, October 2010

Quantifying the Seasonal and Interannual Variability of the Formation and Migration Pattern of North Brazil Current Rings
Sharma, Anderson, Brickley, Nobre, and Cadwallader, October 2009

Life and Times of Eddy Zorro: A Review of the 2007 Gulf of Mexico Loop Current Activity
Coholan, Feeney, and Anderson, May 2008

Satellite-Tracked Drifter Measurements of Inertial Currents in the Gulf of Mexico
Anderson and Sharma, March 2008

Deepwater Hindcast of Hurricane Rita
Anderson and Frolov, May 2006

Forecasting Eddy Ulysses PowerPoint Presentation
DP Conference PowerPoint Presentation - Coholan, November 2005

Forecasting Eddy Ulysses
Technical Paper - Anderson, Coholan, and Frolov, September 2005

Numerical Ocean Model Nowcast and Forecast Skill Assessment in the Gulf of Mexico
Leben, et.al., September 2005

A Towed 75 kHz ADCP for Operational Deepwater Current Surveys
Anderson and Matthews, CMTC, 2005

EddyNet: A Measurement Program for Collecting Real-Time Current Profiles from the Gulf of Mexico
Anderson, et.al., CMCT, 2002

chart depicting the percentage of time currents are greater than 1 knot in the Gulf of Mexico

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