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Asset Tracking

This service was developed to provide operations and logistics managers the ability to monitor the geographic position of individual vessels or a fleet of vessels located anywhere in the world from one interactive, user-friendly mapping interface. Positional data from a satellite-linked GPS beacon can also be integrated into a client’s existing GIS to place vessels in context with proprietary datasets.

The asset tracking beacon is self-contained, battery powered, and housed in a robust, waterproof hull designed to withstand the most extreme maritime conditions. HMI utilizes several satellite communication systems (Iridium, Globalstar) in its EddyWatch® programs; however, for Asset Tracking, the Iridium Short Burst Technology has proven to be the most appropriate and reliable.

The advantages of using the Iridium transmitter include:

  • The ability to transmit positions from virtually any location in the world;
  • The functionality of the unit to ‘back fill’ positions if a satellite is not acquired during a scheduled report time; and, most importantly--
  • The flexibility to remotely change the report rate (e.g.: from 1 position per day to 1 position every 15 minutes).

Features of the MetOcean Mapper include, but are not limited to:

  • The ability to observe past positions;
  • An animation tool for viewing previous activity;
  • The ability to view a text file of a vessel’s historical raw positions;
  • An icon indicating the location of the asset and direction of travel;
  • A “mouse-over” box indicating latitude/longitude, time stamp of position, speed, and nearest city/port;
  • A zoom, pan, and distance measurement tool; and
  • Environmental layers displaying EddyWatch® data and modeled wind velocity and wave height in relation to a client’s site.

Clients of this service include: BHP Billiton Trinidad, BP America, BP Trinidad & Tobago, EOG Resources Trinidad, INPEX, Shell French Guiana, Transocean, and Vantage Deepwater Drilling.

stand alone GPS beacon transmits hourly positions to the metocean mapper

metocean mapper for fleet managent

Heerema's Ocean Tug Husky