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Historical Site Studies

Horizon Marine’s site-specific hindcasting service provides clients with a highly accurate history regarding the occurrence of strong currents at selected sites.

Deepwater exploration, drilling, construction, production, and other operations are tremendously expensive endeavors, sensitive to the incredible power of the ocean. The nominal day rate alone for a drilling rig is upwards of US$400,000, and the cost of an installation project can exceed US$1 million per day.

Site-specific hindcasts are assembled following analysis of archival EddyWatch reports and the compilation of statistics for the site in question. Loop Current/North Brazil Current and eddy/ring interference at a client’s site are tabulated by week, by month, and by current speed, enabling the creation of hindcast statistics. These studies have assisted planners and operators in many deepwater regions.

Armed with a historical knowledge of the statistical timing and magnitude of events, planners and operators can budget more wisely for projects that have the potential to be influenced by severe currents.

Photo of Heerema's SSCV Hermod courtesy of Jan Berghuis Terschelling