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Horizon Marine, Inc., (HMI) is an oceanographic services company whose core business is focused on operational and environmental monitoring and forecasting ocean currents in support of the offshore energy industry. Incorporated in 1982, HMI is headquartered in Marion, Massachusetts, USA, with an Offshore Operations Division in Richmond, Texas, USA.

Our clients include oil and gas exploration and production companies, seismic survey and pipelay companies, deepwater construction and support vessels, and drilling contractors. Since 1984, HMI has monitored and forecasted ocean currents for over 100 companies in the Gulf of Mexico, offshore Trinidad to French Guiana, offshore Brazil, and offshore Mozambique through our EddyWatch service. Since 2005, HMI has provided RouteWatch, an integrated ocean current routing and weather forecasting service tied together with near real-time GPS tracking displayed on an interactive online mapping dashboard.

HMI utilizes state-of-the-art techniques in the analysis of oceanographic data for mapping, modeling, and forecasting significant events in these regions. HMI’s system of daily observations, which includes proprietary satellite-tracked drifting buoys and several remote sensing techniques, enables real-time data analysis, reporting, and forecasting the migration and strength of ocean currents worldwide.

Utilizing HMI's services, the offshore industry is able to plan safe and efficient operations, minimize costly downtime caused by severe currents, and receive valuable information in the event of an oil spill. Due to the publicity of the Macondo/Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf in 2010, there is now a heightened awareness of the oceanographic and meteorological effects on a spill. This has prompted HMI, among others (both public and private), to develop plans and instrumentation to more effectively monitor and forecast ocean currents.

Our goal is to have our clients view HMI as their oceanography department. This strategy is unique in that we look to partner with our clients in an effort to help optimize their offshore operations. HMI’s competitive advantage is attributed to the following:

  • proprietary data sources;
  • ability to respond rapidly;
  • strong client trust and loyalty;
  • competitive pricing;
  • easy access to data;
  • ability to provide additional services through alliances;
  • constant improvement of existing tools;
  • investment in new technologies; and
  • focus on client operational needs.